Welcome to the easiest, safest and most cost efficient way of transporting goods to and from Portugal.

Delivery Portugal is without doubt the most secure,safe and cost efficient method of transporting goods between Portugal and the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Our premium service allows goods to be collected from any address before being moved to one of our holding depots. From this point the ...

Shipping between Dublin, Belfast, Liverpool, Rotterdam and Lisbon.

The secure container is transported via road to one of the above ports before being loaded on to a shipping vessal for the onward marine journey.

Deliveries throughout the whole of Portugal, UK, Ireland and Europe.

Once the container has arrived at the depot it will be carefully unloaded before being transported to the final address by our dedicated vehicles. Unlike many of our competitors our prices are totally visible.Contact us today for a quote. We have no hidden costs.

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  • Phone: (0044)1925 812563
  • Mobile: (0044) 7951028901
  • Email: uk@nwdf.co.uk


  • Phone:(00351) 910410410
  • Email: uk@nwdf.co.uk

Direct To Ireland

We now operate a direct service between Portugal and Ireland shipping to both Belfast(North) and Dublin( South).Once the container arrives at the port the goods will then be distributed throughout Ireland.

Free Storage

First 14 days storage free of charge.£2 per cu m per week thereafter.

Let us pack your delicate,fragile or expensive items. Packaging service from £10 per cu m. Contact Us for further details.